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[bluetooth-dev] a question about HCI in Specification

In HCI Layer:About "ADD_SCO_Connection" Command ,The specification mentioned(page 572):"This command will cause the link manager to create sco connection using the acl connection specified by the connection_handle command parameter" and "A Connection Handle for this connection is returned in the Connection Complete event" and "Note: An SCO connection can only be created when an ACL connection already exists and when it is not put in park mode"

My understanding is : before we create a SCO connection with one remote device , we must create an ACL connection with this remote device(use "Create_Connection" command), besides, the ACL and SCO connections with the same remote device use two different Connection_Handles.
is my understanding right? If so, I wonder why do we must create an ACL connection before we create a SCO connection?

thanks in advance.

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