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[bluetooth-dev] File transfert

Hi all,

I'm able to make a connection, start ppp, and surf the web through a bluetooth link. Now I want to do something more basic : transfert a file between two PCs. So I don't start any protocol on the bluetooth link. I just make "cat file > /dev/ttyBT0" on one side, and "cat /dev/ttyBT0 > received_file" on the other side The file is 200 ko.

I always use a serial communication at 57600 bauds.

I tried next configurations :

ROK 007 -> ROK 007
ROK 007 -> CSR (with BCSP)
ROK 007 -> TI BSN6030

In every configurations, I'm unable to receive the file without errors. Some (and sometimes a lot) of bytes are lost. The received file is smaller that the original file.

I set the /dev/ttyBT0 so that no text conversion is done on incoming data (no CR conversion).

Does someone manage to send a file of 200 ko from one PC to another without any high level protocol over RFCOMM ?

Thank you for any advices or propositions.

Alain Paschoud                      SMARTDATA SA
alain.paschoud@xxxxxxx.ch         PSE-A
http://www.smartdata.ch             1015 Lausanne
Phone +41-21-693'84'98              
Fax   +41-27-693'84'91              
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