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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR particularities

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> Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 09:12
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] CSR particularities
> Hi all,
> I'm using a CSR module. I want to try it in BCSP and in H4 mode.
> In the code, there are two configuration options : 
> I need to use CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_SUPPORT_BCSP if I want bcsp 
> files to be compiled and linked in bt.o.
> Then, I thought that if I don't define 
> CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_USE_BCSP, the stack will use the module in 

The CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_USE_BCSP defines the mode the stack wants.
When bti/btdm starts it will try that mode first. If it does
not work, it will try the other mode, and if that works it will
then change the settings of the module to the first mode and
then switch to use that.

> H4 mode... but in facts, it only try H4, and if it doesn't 
> work, it switches back to BCSP.

Which is normal since the module needs to be reconfigured, which
can only be done if it is possible to communicate with it... So
after it switches back to BCSP, it should continue to change the
settings to H4, and use that thereafter. Does that not happen?

> So here is my question : how to force the CSR module to be 
> used in H4 (with flow control) ?

There are options to btdm (-U and -B) that will force the use
of either UART (H4) or BCSP. These basically override the default

> Thank you for any help.

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