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[bluetooth-dev] the userstack mode

Hi, all!

I've written basic client-server l2cap applications, with a former version of 
the stack (but I can't figure out which one it is , since each file has its 
own version number). They work quiet well and now i'm trying to adapt them 
with the new stack.

In the new version of the stack, btd.c contains a "main " function that's not 
in my former version. I've seen that there are some #ifdef in this function 
so I can't just suppress the main() and pray for the compilation to work fine.
How do I adapt this file and the makefile to make the whole thing work ? Did 
someone do similar things before ? How can I determine the version number of 
the old stack i'm using ? It would be useful to know this, since I could try 
to figure out what changes are to be done...

Thanking you in advance

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