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[bluetooth-dev] your suggestion

Dear Sir/Madam;

Recently, I have visited "bluetooth-dev] BT connection problem using ericsson 
BT mod" named page.

I am interesting to control and sense the position of any limit switch(on or 
off) through my PC. My purpose is to know if the switch is on or off. I know 
how I will write source code using any programming language such as Vbasic, 
Pascal, Delphi etc... to control software required, but to connect this switch 
to PC, what kind of port should I use?. Serial port- LPT port or any I/O card 
May it be required to make an electronic circuit?  If it is so, What is the 
most practical or least component way?

What should I do?

I would be happy If you recommended anything..

ilyas Kacar

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