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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Large file transfert with CSR and BCSP

Hello Steven,

> > ... But sometime, the link is stopped, even with BCSP. :-(
> Check that you are using CRCs with BCSP.

it seems the CRCs was disabled :
Values for pskey 0x0191:
0x00EC 0x0006 0x00FA 0x0014 0x0004 0x0000 0x0004 0x001E 0x0064 0x000A

I will try Monday with CRCs enabled (I have only one BT module usable
now for making large transfert).

> The host controller can be configured to send them or omit them.

When you say "the host controler", this mean the PC where I have my BT
device connected to ?

> Obviously, this will make a difference only if the host stack is
> checking the CRCs. You should also make sure that the host stack is
> appending the CRCs when it sends data to the host controller.

OK. So the question is : Is OpenBT adding CRCs ? This is the point I
must control if I understand correctly.

> My guess is it's the framing errors (probably due to the host UART
> discarding bytes due to FIFO overruns or parity errors) that are
> giving the 'Incorrect length, discarding data' error message.

It's also my impression. I have try to enable hardware flow control
(with bti, I just don't have passed the -f flag). stty -a -F /dev/ttyS0
give the flow control enabled (crtscts and not -crtscts). But I'm not
really sure this is enough : I have see a compilation flag in OpenBT :
HOST_FLOW_CTRL. This is disabled by default. I have try to enable it,
but this cause my T68 can't no more send a picture to my OpenBT/OpenObex
powered PC. Without HOST_FLOW_CTRL, all is OK (seem the ObexClient on
ttyBT0 is no more answering, but other things, like the SDP server are

> Out of interest, can you tell me which CSR firmware version you're
> using as reported by HCI_Read_Local_Version_Information?

Here it is (if I have correctly uynderstand csr_bccmd structure) :
    - BUILD_ID : 0x00bc
    - CHIP_VER : 0x0001
    - CHIP_REV : 0x0065

Thanks for your help.

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