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[bluetooth-dev] hci-data-reception and tx-buffer-subscribtion problem

Hi all, 

I implemented my own bnep layer and use ping and ftp to test it. 
Normal pings work fine and getting data from the ftp-server as well. 
But I still have got problems with putting data via ftp or pings with 
very huge payload (e.g.1400 bytes). I already changed HCI_IN_BUF to 
1600 and experimented with different MTUs for l2cap(for the netdevice 
as well)but nothing helps :(( 
At one point, it is impossible to get tx_buffers any more or hci 
discards packets. I'm using Brainboxes BL-500 pcmcia cards. In the 
mailinglist I couldn't find proper answers so far.Has anybody got 
experience with this problem??


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