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[bluetooth-dev] [SPAM] Low Cost Furnace/ Oven / Kiln Upgrades

Title: Hello


Hello, my name is Sean Patrick Mulvey. I am a controls engineer at ACS Inc.
Our credentials may be seen at our website at : www.automatedcontrol.com .
We are a 20 year old firm positioned in Buffalo and Rochester New York USA.

I am sending this letter to see if the attached is something you or some
one you know could benefit from.

At the request of a customer we have put together a very LOW COST upgrade
kit to convert a typical furnace from an old style mechanical or electric
thermostat into a modern microprocessor loop controller with a full data
collection and charting capability.

The customer has chosen to supply his own 233 MHz computer, which he says
he has several of!

It is based on the popular PARTLOW / WEST / LFE Product line and an off the
shelf SCADA software , Lookout by National Instruments.

The market for this kit is some person that needs to avoid the cost of
buying a entire new furnace just to get good recording and decision making
information. This also aids in achieving compliance with a wide range of
regulatory needs and ISO9000 objectives as well.

The data collection can store about 4-5 years data on a 2 Gig Hard Drive.

The price of $ 1,780 includes training and installation assistance. Also
one computer can handle several controllers. For people with more than one
furnace there is a savings of $ 250 for additional furnace.

In the current economic climate upgrading a working furnace makes more
sense than purchasing and entirely new system merely to get these modern

If you think this looks interesting , or have any other comments please let
me know at

Sean Patrick Mulvey
Automated Control Solutions Inc.
716-583-5665 cell
585-385-1808 home office
585-419-9235 home fax
43 musket lane
pittsford ny 14534

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