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[bluetooth-dev] DLCI and server channel

Hi all,

Does someone know whiy DLCI is always twice the server channel number ? If I connection on server channel 4, the other side will tell me that DLCI number is 8.

In chapter "5.4 DLCI ALLOCATION WITH RFCOMM SERVER CHANNELS", p. 411 of specifications, I found next explanation :

"In effect, this partitions the DLCI value space such that server applications on the non-initiating device are reachable on DLCIs 2,4,6,&,60;" (see specs for more details).

But some lines further, I found :

"server applications on the initiating device are reachable on DLCIs 3,5,7,&,61"

When I initiate a connection on server channel 4, I've a connection on DLCI 8 on the other side. It's correct.
But on the side from which I initiate the connection, the stack indicate me a connection on DLCI 8 too...
Should it not be DLCI 9 ?

Thank you for any opinion.

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