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[bluetooth-dev] New feature : get rfcomm server channel of new connections

Hi all,

The design of RFComm is not really good if we want to be automatically informed when a new connection happens, and on which channel and line it happens. Because we absolutely need to have such information, and because I haven't the time to redesign RFComm, I added a possibility to be informed of the server channel through a new proc file. I first implemented a method through ictl, but if I stay waiting in an ioctl, there is no other ioctl possible until I get out of the first one. This is not really what I wanted.

So I decided to create a new proc file. It has some limitations, but it can be usefull for people that need to know on which server channel a connection happen, to respond with the appropriate userland program.


The new proc file's name is bt_channel_con . You have to enable CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_PROC if you want to have it created.
Then, you can make a read on it. It's blocking.
When a connection happens, you will recieve the information as a string like :

<line>:<server channel>\n

Then, you can start whatever userland program you want, depending on which server channe the connection has been made.


Unfortunately, the same function in the stack is used when initiating or receiving a connection. So if you initiate a connection on server channel x, line 0, you will recieve 0:x\n in the proc file...

If a connection has already been made when you read the proc file, you won't have any information on it. You should read the proc file before than the connection happens.


It should work with any kernel version. But it has only been tested on 2.4.18 kernel.

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