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CSR Multipoint problem

I have been running the OpenBT stack for some time without
multipoint enabled. My platform uses a CSR module.

I have been connecting to this platform from another machine
which has a digianswer card. It's running the old version of
BTSWS (1.04). This has been a stable config for me.

I also connect to the CSR platform with an iPaq3870.
No problems.

I've just tried enabling multipoint. I first
added the following to btconfig.h:

When I tried to connect to the platform from the digianswer,
it failed at service discovery

After reading a posting about CSR multipoint, I then added

It still fails, with the OpenBT platform errors:

<4>BT SYS: lp_connect_rsp: Early m/s switch
<4>lp_connect_cfm (neg), wake up flag not set
<4>BT SYS: process_event: CONNECTION_COMPLETE Unspecified Error
<4>BT SYS: ERROR: reset_hci_con_bd: Didn't find connection with con_hdl 40

What am I doing wrong?