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[bluetooth-dev] Enjoy yourself like me

Hi Dear Sir, 
I became a member of an interesting free website which is totally unique. It actually pays its members to learn! You learn lots of important things, have fun doing it, and you get paid too! People of all ages and educational backgrounds everywhere can become members and participate at their own level. It’s called “It Pays To Learn”, and I thought you’d want to check this out yourself. 
All members can get cash benefits for referring others, so when you first go to the website to check it out please use the following URL (web address), and it will automatically give me credit for referring you to IPTL. You can just click on this link or cut and paste this URL into your browser window: 
My lifestyle was moved radically for better, enjoy it. Click here for start to win
If you sign up without using the URL above, please enter my member ID as your referrer, which is AHF373. 
I think this site is a great idea, and if you do too just sign up and then please tell others about it. 
TNT Group
Member ID# AHF373
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