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RE: [bluetooth-dev] about CRIS

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> Sent: 14 August 2002 14:58
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] about CRIS
> hi
>   all
>   i can not understand this:
>   #ifdef __CRIS__
> #define DEFAULT_PHYS_DEV "/dev/ttyBT"
> #define DEFAULT_SPEED "460800"
> #else
> #define DEFAULT_PHYS_DEV "/dev/ttyS0"
> #define DEFAULT_SPEED "115200"
> i think /dev/ttyBT
> is the driver over the btstack

Do not confuse /dev/ttyBT0 - /dev/ttyBT6 with /dev/ttyBT.
The former are actual devices to access the "top" of the
Bluetooth stack, whereas the latter is a soft link to the
serial port to which the Bluetooth module is connected in
our products (e.g., /dev/ttyS3 in AXIS 9010).

And since this is only used when compiling for a CRIS-based
hardware (as implied by the check for __CRIS__), you do not
need to care about this unless you are developing for a
hardware based on our ETRAX 100LX processor.

> it's line discipline is ppp
> /dev/ttyS0 is the drivew under the btstack
> it's line discipline is bt line discipline
> but ,for this definition
> in OPENBT\apps\bluetooth\experimental\btd.c
> phys_fd = open(physdev, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY))
> if define CRIS physdev=/dev/ttyBT
> and set_bt_line_disc(phys_fd, bt_disc, physdev)
> this set the bt line discipline on /dev/ttyBT
> why?
> i think the bt line discipline must set on /dev/ttyS0
> OR /dev/ttyS1
> please help me
> thanks all
>                                            arista

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