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[bluetooth-dev] Axis stack on LIAB520 embedded system

Hi all, 

i need help

1- im currently working with 2.4.17 kernel modified for the LIAB 520 embedded 
system. I compiled the Openbt stack with the same source code kernel, and i copied 
all  the OpenBt directory in the embedded system. So i type : 

#insmod bt.o 

and it works!! 
then i create manually all the /dev/ttyBT* devices  

when i want now to initialize the stack with bti 

i go into the openbt/apps/bluetooth/experimental directory and i have : 

#bti -u /dev/ttyS1 -s 9600 
bti: error while loading shared libraries: libreadline.so.4: cannot open shared  
object file: no such file or directory 

does this means i got to copy something more into the embedded system ? or what  
should i do for the run the  minimal applications like btcon ...etc  ? 

Thank you

Best Regards  


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