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[bluetooth-dev] Embedded system small problem

Hi all
maybe somebody can help me.
im working the LIAB520 embedded system with 2.4.17 kernel 
version configured properly for ppp.

I installed the openbt stack correctly and im able to make BT 
connections using BTCON, BTINQ, BTDISC.

Now id like to implement the ppp over the BT channel as i didi on my 
RH7.2 PC.

usually i was doing in this way :

# mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0

#ifconfig ppp0

#route add default gw

and after this on my RH7.2 pc i was  able to ping the other PC at the 
end of the BT channel.

But iwhen i try on my embedded linux to do the same :

#mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0

#ifconfig ppp0
SIOCSIADDR: No such device
ppp0 : unknown interface : no such device

So im not able to set up the embedded system with 
an ip address and so to not implement the ppp.

Do you have any idea  or do you do something 
different ?

Thank you in adv


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