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Re: [bluetooth-dev] why i can not run the stack

Hi flowice,

I don't use EBSK, and the result of the reset seems very strange. Try to first reset your EBSK, and then start bti (and remove option --reset, so you won't have the message asking you to reset any more). See if there is always a problem.

Best regards.

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 09:35:38 +0800 (CST)
"李利" <flowice2002@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:

> hi all
> i have compile the openbt(20011021)success
> what i do:
> .init_env
> make clean
> make
> su
> make install
> make devs
> exit
> insmod bt.o
> using dmesg i find it insmod success
> then i run the apps
> first i use one EBSK in COM1
> do as below:
> ./bti
> after this my computer shut down
> mouse can not move .i must reset my computer
> then
> ./bti --reset --speed57600 --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --local-name OpenBT
> and after this  print :Please reset your HW board within 5 seconds
> i reset my EBSK. but my computer shut down too
> mouse can not move .i must reset my computer
> second
> i use tow EBSK one in COM1,the other in COM2
> do as below:
> ./bti
> ./bti --reset --speed57600 --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --local-name OpenBT
> but
> the same
> i am in rh 7.1
> gcc3.1
> i do not know what is wrong with me
> can you help me
> thanks
> //flowice

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