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thank you very much!
today ,i compile the kernel
but ,when i bzImage
there is some error
so ,i try reinstall the kernel source
after this
the openbt stack compile success
and i run the bti again
this time i have changed the hci_read_buffer_siza with N0_BLOCK
but the same
i think the data can not send through serial port
i can not think out anying way to resolve this problem
i am in redhat7.1,because the gcc bug,i improve my gcc version from 2.96-81 to
3.1,in order to improve gcc version,i improve the glibc,gdb's version
and i have chinesed my system,i can not confirm can these change influence my system,cause the fail
i confirm my COM1 is no problem ,because i can run ericsson's bluetooth stack
it send data from COM1,the stack run in windows
perhaps i must change my linux version
any way
thank you very much again!!

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