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[bluetooth-dev] CSR chip : bcsp problem

Hi all,

I need someone from CSR (or someone who know well the bcsp protocol) to explain me what happen to my chip. I use CSR chip for a long time, and when I wanted to pass from H4 to BCSP, I just changed two PS keys : keys 0x191 et 0x1F9.

I set first byte of key 0x1F9 to 0x01, and I put 0x06 in second byte of key 0x191 (it was 0xA8 in H4). Of course, If I change only one of these keys and I reboot the module, it won't respond any more, it is in a unrecoverable state. When I do that, no error occured, so I consider keys have been changed successfully.

Now I have some new chips (always csr chip, but perhaps not same firmware). I changed the key as usual, and the result is strange : I only receive 7 bytes after reset, and the module doesn't respond any more after that. The frame I recieve is not always the same (for the same module). There are three possibilities :

1) 0xc0 0x1d 0x07 0x08 0x20 0xfe 0x60 

2) 0xc0 0x1d 0x03 0x08 0x20 0xfe 0x60 

3) 0xc0 0x1d 0x07 0x08 0x20 0xfe 0xe0 

These are BCSP frames. But it is not the same frames as the modules that are working correctly in BCSP (the first 7 bytes I get with a working module are : 0xc0 0x01 0x12 0x09 0x20 0xa5 0x8f). It is strange that I always receive 7 bytes. Length in headers for case 1 and 3 is bigger.

Can someone explain me what is the meaning of these frames ?

Does someone have any documentation on BCSP synchronization that should happen after bluetooth RESET ?

Thank you for any help. Best regards.
Alain Paschoud                      SMARTDATA SA
alain.paschoud@xxxxxxx.ch         PSE-A
http://www.smartdata.ch             1015 Lausanne
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