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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR chip : bcsp problem

if you look at the latest version of PStools, you'll see a key called "Use
the old version of BCSP link establishment" or "436 PSKEY_USE_OLD_BCSP_LE"
the comment associated with this is...

"If this pskey is set to FALSE then the firmware uses the BCSP Link
Establishment protocol described in bc01-s-010g, otherwise it uses
the older protocol described in bc01-s-010f.

The new protocol only differs significantly from the old one in

    - The "choke" is turned off when moving from "curious" to

    - The "cnf_cnt_limit" logic is removed; "conf" messages are
      continuously emitted in the "curious" state.

It may be necessary to set this pskey to TRUE if the host
has an old implementation of bcsp-le

See the comment for PSKEY_BCSP_LM_CNF_CNT_LIMIT."

Hope this points you in the right direction

Gavin Jewell
Research and Development Manager
Brain Boxes Limited

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Thank you for your answers. I got some up-to-date documentation from CSR. I
have now next documents :


in bc02-an-005a, I didn't find any changes concerning BCSP related keys.

I think my problem comes from new firmware (however, I can't verify firmware
version now that I can't communicate any more with the modules). Otherwise,
we should have no problem to change key to set module in BCSP as we did
before. When we got CSR chips, we thought that they where in BCSP mode. But
they were in H4. They are now solded on our embedded system, and serial line
is connected to a micropocessor. I must now change the keys without any
specific tool, just by sending packets on the serial line.

According to bc01-an-102a documentation, I should change key 0x1F9. Ok, I
did that. Before I get in troubles, I changed key PSKEY_HOSTIO_UART_PS_BLOCK
(0x191) which is indicated as "Do not modify these keys under any
circumstances" in the document. But it was the only way I found to change
parity and flow control activation/desactivation. Now in the document, it is
indicated : "Since the keys can be set elsewhere it is not necessary to
change this key directly". But I didn't find another way to set the keys.

Gavin Jewell is speaking about "USE_OLD_BCSP or something similar" in new
firmwares. For the moment, I haven't found such information in CSR
documentation. But in facts, I just need to know exactly which keys I have
to change with new firmwares to move from H4 to BCSP. I've a small embedded
software to change them, and because keys are only read at boot, I can
change every necessary keys to move from H4 to BCSP before to activate
changes with a reboot. The speed is known (115k) because I could communicate
in H4 with the module at this speed.

I didn't find the update Gavin is telling me about : "CSR have published
updated documentation on their site to say how the
behaviour has changed". If you have some more precise references...

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.
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