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[bluetooth-dev] RFCOMM Problem

I am trying to get the RFCOMM layer to work and gotten the errors below. 
Does anybody know why the errors occur?  
Please help!


./btduser -u /dev/ttyS0 -r server -i no_hw -e 0 -m 

Bluetooth Control Application
Running as server
Running stack in user mode
Physdev /dev/ttyS0, btdev (not userd), speed 115200 baud
Init stack
Initiating read thread
sdp_parser.c::SDP Server starting
sdp_parser.c::Opening server socket /tmp/sdp_sock
sdp_parser.c::SDP Server listens...
BT SYS: Initialising Bluetooth Stack
BT SYS: Initialising HCI
BT SYS: *** HCI emulator on ***
BT SYS: Initialising HCI inbuffers [800]
BT SYS: Reading buffer sizes in HW module
BT SYS: Reading firmware info in HW module
command_handler: Unknown command ogf:0x3f,ocf:0xf
BT SYS: Host flow control not enabled
BT SYS: M/S switch disabled
BT SYS: Force M/S switch set to 0
BT SYS: Initialising L2CAP
command_handler: Unknown command ogf:0x4,0cf:0x9
BT SYS: ERROR: l2cap_init: Failed to get local BD addr
BT SYS: Initialising RFCOMM
BT SYS: Initialising SDP
BT SYS: Init SDP as server
Opening socket /tmp/sdp_sock
Socket connected to /tmp/sdp_sock
BT SYS: Initialising TCS
BT SYS: Initialising TEST
BT SYS: Initialising BTMEN [2500 bytes]
command_handler: Unknown command ogf:0x3,ocf:0x24
command_handler: Unknown command ogf:0x3,ocf:0x13
Setting write_scan_enable in Ericsson module!
command_handler: Unknown command ogf:0x3,ocf:0x1a
Setting baudrate in Ericsson module!
Open pty.
Initiating pty thread
Now entering cmd line mode

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