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RE: [bluetooth-dev] porting Axis stack to micro-controller

My answers
1. Yes. You can port it to a micro controller. We have done this for
internal use on to Atmel & Star12
2. Implementation problem.
	a. 32 Bit integers to 8 bit 
	b. Byte ordering
	c. Slight architecture changing to allow functionality with out a
3. We have attempted to only do single threading for very dedicated work.
Basically we have attempted to have RFCOMM Functionality only. Unfortunately
you will have to understand the entire code before you attempt it. It is not
just compile and run.
Ramana B.V

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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] porting Axis stack to micro-controller

does anybody have done this before ?? I want to port the openBT stack from 
Axis to a micro-controller. I want to get a starting point. i'm new to this 
trchnologie but I have a good background in micro-controller.

1) Is it possible to get the axis bt Stack ported to a micro-controller ? 
(like rabbitsemiconductor)
2) What the biggest problem I have to resove to get this port usable on 
micro-controller ?
3) should I rewrite only some part like the HCI or I have to modifie more 
source code ?
4) is the Axis bt stack is a multi-threaded stack ?

hope to find some answer ??


Jonathan Dumaresq
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