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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Problem with HCI_Ericsson_Set_Uart_Baud_Rate

Hi Matteo,

> I have a Bluetooth module Ericsson ROK 101007/21 FCC and I can't change 
> the UART baudrate using the function HCI_Ericsson_Set_Uart_Baud_Rate 
> (opcode 0xfc07). I can use only 57600 bps, and when I try to change the 
> baudrate (I have to use 115200 bps, parameter 0x02), the module answer with
> a Command Complete Event at 57600 bps, but it doesn't change the baudrate, and if 
> I try to issue a Command at the 115200 bps it returns me a Hardware error 
> event (code 0x04 0x10 0x01 0x20). I try to change the timing (Ericsson specifics 
> say to change the Host speed within 500ms) but nothing. What have I to do? Thanks.

if I remember correctly the uart change didn't return a command
complete. Anyway, here are the things you have to do:

	- send hci baud rate change
	- wait until this goes trough the baseband
	- change the speed of your uart
	- wait some time
	- go on with the new baudrate

You can take a look at the Ericsson init code in hciattach. If you use
hciattach the Ericsson modules will be switched to 115200 at init time. 



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