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[bluetooth-dev] Call for Papers, WPAN Track at HICSS-37

Hi all,

although it's not completely adequate on this list, I thought a couple 
of you out there working on Bluetooth-related projects might be 
interested in this Call for Papers for a rather Bluetooth-related 
minitrack at next year's HICSS conference.

So my apologizes if you feel disturbed by this.

Regards ... Frank

  Frank Kargl          Multimedia Computing, University of Ulm, Germany
    Use the SOURCE, Luke !  I feel a great disturbance in the SOURCE.
             But beware of the Microsoft side of the SOURCE !
Our appologies if this is a duplicate

                          Call for Papers

         Minitrack on Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

                  Part of the Software Track at the 
      Thirty-seventh Annual Hawaiian International Conference on 
                      System Sciences (HICSS37), 
                 Big Island of Hawaii, January 5-8, 2004


Optional but encouraged abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2003
Submission deadline:  June 1, 2003


  Wireless personal area networks (WPANs) are short to very short-range
  wireless networks that can be used to exchange information between
  devices in the reach of a person. WPANs can be used to replace cables
  between computers and their peripherals, to establish communities
  helping people do their everyday chores making them more
  productive, or to establish location aware services. It is predicted
  that not only will most PDAs, phones, laptops include WPAN technology
  but that the number of small WPAN enabled devices (e.g., pens, cameras,
  headsets, various sensors) will soon outnumber the computers on the
  Internet. The best example representing WPANs is the recent industry
  standard: Bluetooth, other examples include Spike (for real time
  gaming - proprietary technology), and in the broad sense HomeRF. The
  IEEE 802 committee has also realized the importance of short-range
  wireless networking and initiated the establishment of the IEEE 802.15
  working group to standardize protocols and interfaces for wireless
  personal area networking.

  Another key issue is the inter-working of wireless technologies to 
  create heterogeneous wireless networks. For instance, WPANs and 
  WLANs will enable an extension of the third generation (3G) cellular 
  networks (i.e., UMTS and cdma2000) into devices without direct 
  cellular access thus pointing towards next generation wireless 
  networking. Moreover, devices interconnected in a WPAN may be able to
  utilize a combination of 3G access and WLAN access by selecting the 
  access that is best for the moment. In such networks 3G, WLAN and 
  WPAN technologies do not compete against each other but enable the 
  user to select the best connectivity for his/her purposes.

  Today, WPAN research covers a very broad area, starting from technical
  issues like automatic formation of networks or security issues and 
  going up all the stack to the question what kind of applications will
  be used in WPANs. We expect that the availability of a cheap 
  short-range wireless technology will further fuel research and 
  development in what, where and most importantly how WPAN technologies
  could be used for.

Minitrack chairs:
  Frank Kargl, University of Ulm, Germany  
  Dr. Elaine Lawrence, University of Technology, Sydney 
  Dr. Gergely V. Záruba, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA 

Important Deadlines:
  March 31, 2003 
        Abstracts submitted for guidance and indication of appropriate
  June 1, 2003
        Full papers submitted to Minitrack Chairs through the 
        Minitrack's Website.  
  August 31, 2003
        Notice of accepted papers sent to Authors.
  October 1, 2003
        Accepted manuscripts sent electronically to the publisher. 
        Authors must be registered for the conference by this date.

Submission Guidelines:
  Abstracts need to be submitted via email to Gergely Zaruba at: 
  zaruba@xxxxxxx. For full paper submission
  instructions please read and follow the online submission instructions
  at the minitrack's web-site: http://crystal.uta.edu/~zaruba/hicss37/  
  (The final paper must be no longer than 10 pages, double-column, 
  single spaced.)

  The minitrack will concentrate on completed or ongoing research in the
  area of wireless local area networking and wireless personal area 
  networking (excluding manufacturing). Areas of interest include but
  are not limited to research in: 
  - Protocols tailored to WPANs
  - QoS provisioning in WPANs
  - WPAN applications
  - Performance evaluation 
  - TCP performance of WPANs
  - Bluetooth for ad hoc networks (scatternets)
  - Bluetooth performance evaluation
  - Routing in Bluetooth scatternets
  - Security issues of WPANs
  - IP over Bluetooth 
  - Mobility management and seamless integration of WPANs
  - Interoperability, interference and co-existence of WPANs, 
    WLANs and 3G networks
  - WPANs vs. WLANs
  - Caching in WPANs
  - Service discovery in WPANs
  - Integration and heterogeneous wireless infrastructures 
    employing WPANs
  - WPAN specific applications

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