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RE: [bluetooth-dev] collecting data from serial port and send via bt-radio?

My suggestion is to use LAN or PAN to send the data over standard TCP/IP network. Another way to do it is to forward anything from your serialport by
the Serial Port Profile which emulates a serialport over Bluetooth. On the other side of the connection you can then have the data processed (making
the XML-file or whatever) and maybe email it somewhere or send it to another server in your network.
Just some suggestions, there is a lot of ways to accomplish this.
Best Regards
Anders Johansson

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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] collecting data from serial port and send via bt-radio?

hi there,
i have a question: i'm trying to collect sensor data from the serial port, wrap them in xml and send the packets via the bluetooth radio! any suggestions what i should do? 
have a good day,

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