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[bluetooth-dev] AXIS 9010 v2 flashing

I recently acquired the last AXIS 9010 (Version 2).
It seems that magic and partition table changed to 

Magic: 30B:308 

Partition table:
# name size     rw-options  type      image-file
rescue 0x020000 ro          rescue    rescue.img
flash1 0x2e0000 rw          kernel    flash1.img
flash2 0x100000 rw          jffs      flash2.img 

With those values, when you upload via ftp, the checks are OK.
But, after impossibility to reboot!!! 

If someone can show me the procedures (with the rights parameters) to flash
correctly the AXIS 9010 v2, it will be very helpful for me!!! 

Best Regards, 

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