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[bluetooth-dev] cannot create /dev/ttyBT0 over rfcomm


 I am attempting to connect BlueMod (MCF5272 Coldfire) using bluetooth over 
rfcomm to another machine. It appears to connect, but when I attempt to access 
the BT emulated port, I get the error:

# echo hello > /dev/ttyBT0
/dev/ttyBT0: cannot create
# ls -l /dev/ttyBT0
crw-------  1 0        0        124,   0  Jan 01 1970  /dev/ttyBT0

attached below is some relevant logs from the BlueMod and the connecting 
I am using BlueZ on the other computer.

Would anyone know how to remedy this problem?


[root@uhuru root]# rfcomm connect 0 00:02:C7:A0:2F:CA 2
Connected /dev/rfcomm0 to 00:02:C7:A0:2F:CA on channel 2
Press CTRL-C for hangup
# more bt_status
<< bt_status >>
stack_initiated  : TRUE
bytes_received   : 0
bytes_sent       : 0
local_bd_address : 00:02:c7:a0:2f:ca

unit_id unit_bd_address unit_mode unit_name
0 00:02:72:B0:0A:11 active BlueZ (0)
# more bt_internal
<< bt_internal >>

[Bluetooth Status]
bytes received : 0
bytes sent     : 0

Vendor:        CSR
Firmware info:
 Firmware version: 218

[BT Interface]
line[0] state: BT_ACTIVE
line[1] state: BT_INACTIVE
line[2] state: BT_INACTIVE
line[3] state: BT_INACTIVE
line[4] state: BT_INACTIVE
line[5] state: BT_INACTIVE
line[6] state: BT_INACTIVE

Buffer holds: 0
Bytes left:   2224


line[0] mtu[127] dlci#0 state[CONNECTED]
line[0] mtu[667] dlci#4 state[CONNECTED]


local bd :[00:02:c7:a0:2f:ca]

r_bd[00:02:72:b0:0a:11 ]
lcid[66] rcid[64] state[OPEN] psm[RFCOMM]
remote_mtu[1024] local_mtu [1024] clnt[no] link_up[yes]

unit_id unit_bd_address unit_mode unit_name
0 00:02:72:B0:0A:11 active BlueZ (0)
The connected hci handlers are:
HCI handle:40

Free data buffers in HW : 8
Free command buffers in HW : 1


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