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[bluetooth-dev] roaming..!

    Are there any specifications from Axis to
implement roaming and soft-handover?
    Right now I have 2 Axis acces points and we wrote
a small application which will continously try to
connect to the static list of devices which is
provided to all the access point from a administration
server in the network(via sockets).The connect and
disconnect info is broadcasted to all the APs etc.
    This is fine when we have 2 access points and 1 or
2 devices moving around.But in realtime scenerio we
will have many devices and many access points and it
is not a good approach to have a static list and
update this list manually and inform APs about this
    I want to eliminate this static list and let my
access points try to scan and connet to all the
devices.Is this possible ?? 
    Any advice on this will be very useful for me,
Thank you...


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