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[bluetooth-dev] link policy..!

     I tried to set link supervision to,but it did not
work.What about "bt_cfd" ?? The following is the code
Iam using for connecting.In this what will be my
bt_cfd.(In the end of this mail I also need help on
link policy settings)

int rfcomm_connect(unsigned char *bd_str, char *btdev)
  unsigned char bd[6];
  int con_id, opt, i, result;
  int line, bt_cfd, srvch = 1;
  int tmp[6], all_read = 0;
  /* Connect RFCOMM session on line */
  printf("Connecting to %s on line %d\n", bd2str(bd),
  con_id = CREATE_RFCOMM_ID(line, srvch << 1);
   /* Open BT ctrl device */
  if ((bt_cfd = bt_openctrl()) < 0)
    perror("Could not open BT control device");
  /* First of all check that stack is running */
  if (!bt_isinitiated(bt_cfd))
    printf("Stack not initiated, exit\n");
  result = bt_connect(bt_cfd, bd, con_id);
 return (result);

       Sir,as there is no documentation,Iam finding
lot ofproblem.So please help me for my thesis.I want
to use the following function for setting sniff
mode,but I dont know what are the policy_params
,sniff_params, con_hdl and esp bt_cfd.Are the any
examples showing how to call these functions?
bt_write_link_policy_settings(int bt_cfd, unsigned
char* policy_params)

bt_sniff_mode(int bt_cfd, unsigned char* sniff_params)
bt_exit_sniff_mode(int bt_cfd, unsigned char* con_hdl)

       Hope to hear from you regarding this,
Thank you. 

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