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RE: [bluetooth-dev] retriving IPs assigned by dhcp..!

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> Sent: 06 November 2003 17:31
> To: Bluetooth-dev
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] retriving IPs assigned by dhcp..!
> Sir,
>    How can I retrive the ip addresses of all the
> access points assigned by dhcp(I enabled
> BOOTPROTO="dhcp" in network.conf).
>    In my case,I as soon as I launch my application on
> the remote server I want to know all the active access
> points in the same network,so that I can broadcast
> some messages to all the access points.please help me
> in this regard..
>    Thank you..

This is not related to the access point per se,
but rather standard network maintenance.

It is not straight forward to do what you want.
One way is to have access to the DHCP server, and
read its status files to find out what addresses
it has assigned to various clients. Another way is
through SNMP. A third way is to use static DHCP.
How to do it using either method is something you
will have to find out for yourself, as it is beyond 
the scope of this list.


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