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[bluetooth-dev] pin code..!

    Actually on my desktop,inorder to connect to my
device I have to enter pin "0000".But on Axis axis
point,naturally there is no option for providing this
pin directly...So Iam sure there should be some file
which will store this pin and create link_keys when
required.Only reason Iam not able to connect is
because of LMP Response Timeout(may be as I can't
provide the pin).I tried to upload linux-2.4.14 and I
got the same error...
    Sir,could you please tell me which file btsec(or
anything else) is reading for pin of the device.All my
bt devices have pin 0000 .
   Hope to hear from you regarding this.
BT (driver) bt_open: Line 7
BT (driver) Registering tty on line 7 (btcon)
BT (driver) Now 2 open fd:s for ttyBTC [btcon]
BT (driver) __bt_ioctl: BTCONNECT
BT (driver) bt_connect: Connecting srv ch 1 on line 0
[193.009010 <028.668177>] bd (6):
0xa9 0xe0 0x17 0xc6 0x10 0x00
l2ca_connect_req: wait baseband, sleep on wq
lp_connect_cfm (neg), wake up wq 0xc03c4933
BT (driver) bt_connect_cfm: Line 0 [RCOMM]
Response Timeout
BT SYS: ERROR: reset_hci_con_bd: Didn't find
connection with con_hdl 40
l2ca_connect_req: wait baseband, woke up !
BT SYS: ERROR: l2ca_connect_req: lp_connect_req
failed, no connection (status 34)
BT SYS: ERROR: rfcomm_connect_req: l2ca_connect_req
BT (driver) bt_connect: Failed
BT (driver) bt_close: Line 7
BT (driver) Unregistering tty on line 7

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