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[bluetooth-dev] problem with zombie process..! please help..!

     When I run my application from /mnt/flash at boot
time (added entry in inittab) I see that along with my
application,number of zombie processes are created.And
these increase with time.... When I run the same
application from comand line ,it works very fine, What
could be the reason for this ??
     My inittab entry is
     As Iam not sucessfull in getting my new image to
work,I had to run my app from /mnt/flash itself...
     Hope to hear from you regarding this...
Thank you,
     #ps -ax 
   64 root     S    /mnt/flash/application
   65 root     Z    [application]
   66 root     Z    [application]
   67 root     Z    [application]
   68 root     Z    [application]
   69 root     S    in.telnetd
   70 root     S    -sh
   75 root     Z    [application]
   77 root     Z    [application]
   79 root     Z    [application]
   81 root     Z    [application]
   82 root     Z    [application]
   83 root     Z    [application]
   84 root     Z    [application]
   85 root     Z    [application]
[root@PencilReader /]70# killall pencil_dll
killall: Could not kill pid '65': No such process

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