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[bluetooth-dev] atlast..connected..!

     Atlast my stack is working.I used the new btsec
from the CVS and had to made some changes to the files
to make it work..Thank you very much for your advice..
     As per the btsec code link_key is stored in
/var/spool/save_link_key.Again coming back to
basics...How can I add spool and other files directory
to my /var .I want to add new files to my
hirerarchy,how can I do that? 
    Before compiling I tried to add some files &
directories to file system in
/devboard_bt/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu and made
necessary changes in initab etc,but after uploading
the new image,I dont see any changes.How can I make
the changes permanantly ??
Tkanhs for your advice...

[root@AxisProduct /var]70# ls

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