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[bluetooth-dev] Emulation?


I've compiled openBT for 3 machines (one with different ARCH).  I've also enabled HCI_EMULATION on btconfig.h. I've pluged a null modem cable to the PCS and I've ran the following commands:
Sever Side:
insmod bt.o
btd --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --speed 115200 --cmdmode --local --remote

Client Side:
insmod bt.o
btd --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --speed 115200 --client
then on the prompt
rf_conn 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 (I've also tried 0 0)

it just hangs and nothing happens. I've also tried the userstack and it didn't work either? (The cable works I've tried with minicom). What can be the problem here?

Thanks in advance
Murat Loo

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