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[bluetooth-dev] MaxTransmitPower (hci_read_power_transmit_level)..!

     As told,I changed the bt.conf file to set the Max
power transmited by the access point and restarted my
stack.As the power levels by CSR are between 1-7 ,I
tried with 1 and 7,but there was no difference in the
     As my device moved away from my AP,I was able to
remain connected even when Iam more than 10 meters
from AP(in both cases).Is my input correct.I added the
bt.conf at the end of this mail.
     To confirm this I want to use the following
function in hci.c ,but what is the second parameter
"type" ??  What is this value.
    s32 hci_read_power_transmit_level(u32 con_hdl,
unsigned char type)
    Hope to hear from you regarding this.

# Common bluetooth parameter definitions
string DeviceName "Axis Developer Board"
yes_no AddIP yes
yes_no AddHostName no
yes_no ForceMSSwitch yes
int MaxBTConnections 7
int MaxTransmitPower 7

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