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RE: [bluetooth-dev] ftp fimage flash problem..!

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> Sent: 21 November 2003 09:59
> To: Peter Kjellerstedt
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> Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] ftp fimage flash problem..!
> Sir,
>      If is case where we have 4 MB flash ,but used
> only 2 MB by changing the partition table,how can we

I would seriously doubt that you have 4MB flash
if only 2 MB are used. Just check the version of 
the 9010 firmware. If it is v1.xx then you only have 
2MB flash.

In theory it is possible to mount an additional 2MB
flash module (it should be identical to the one 
already mounted). However, this will of course void 
any warranty, and not something that I would recommend
unless you know what you are doing (and no, I do not
know how to do this).

> change the pattitions on the flash,so that I can use
> all the 4 MB.(do we need to use boot_linux ?? If so

Yes, the only way to change the partition table is
through boot_linux (etrax100boot).

> could you please tell me the right procedure for doing
> this)

This document should describe the procedure:
Please note the information about the boot button in the
theory section which is not repeated in the process section.

>      Hope to hear from you regarding this.


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