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[bluetooth-dev] rfcomm server + sdp registery ..!

    Iam trying to implement a rfcomm server on
specified channel(running on BT access point) which
waits for incoming connections,get the remote bd
address (for later processing) and disconnects.For
this I tried to use the following code,but after the
connection the remote bd address is always
        unsigned char *bd;
        if(strcmp(buf,"rf_wait") == 0)
            bt_waitconnection(bt_cfd, line);
            printf("Connect on line %d\n", line);
            read_remote_bd(bt_cfd, line,bd);
            printf("Remote bd: %x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x
            con_id = CREATE_RFCOMM_ID(line, 0 /* fixme
-- don't care */);
            retval = bt_disconnect(bt_cfd, con_id);
     Once this is properly working I want to register
this server as a Service so that the device trying to
connect to access point can discover this service and
try to connect on this channel.So for registering the
service is it enough if I add the entry in sdp.xml
file or is there any SDP API which I can use for this
purpose.Please advice me on sdp mechanism and how to
use and implement it.
      Hope to hear from you regarding this
Thank you.

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