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[bluetooth-dev] byte transformed..may be tty problem..!

     We have a very strange problem with the axis
point where the byte 0D which is recieved from a
bluetooth connection is transformed into 0A in axis
point.Could this be because of the termios settings ?
What should be the tty mode inorder to recieve the
byte as it is ??
Iam sure the data is correctly sent by the device.If
the length of data is 13 bytes(0D) it is printed as 10
bytes(0A) and only 10 bytes are read..
     I tried something as follows setting ttyBT to raw
mode,but the problem exists..Could you please tell me
the solution for this problem...
Thank you.
if (ioctl(fid, TCGETA, &old_term) == -1)
                printf("ioctl get failed.\n");

        new_term = old_term;
        new_term.c_lflag &= ~ICANON;

        if (ioctl(fid, TCSETA, &new_term) == -1)
               printf("ioctl set failed.\n");

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