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[bluetooth-dev] which version of "btsec" to use ???

    There seems to be two versions of btsec.One is 
apps-bluetooth-btsec-R1_0_22 and other is inside
apps-bluetooth-experimental-R1_0_23.Which version are
we supposed to use.
    Till now I was using the version inside
experimental, where I passed my pin_file with -p
option and everything was fine except the linkkey was
never stored anywhere.SO for every reconnection it was
always asking for pin,(as it could not find the link
key)thus increasing the connection time.
    To solve this link key problem,Iam trying to use
the new version apps-bluetooth-btsec-R1_0_22,but the
implementation seems to be different.
    Security is enabled in my device and I request you
to tell me how I can pass the pin_code and how it can
sucessfully store the linkkey for further
reference.Byw which version am I supposed to use?
    Hope to hear from you regarding this.
Thank You.

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