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[bluetooth-dev] Authentication Failure..! (btsec problem)

     Iam using btsec which is in experimental
directory.For the first time when I connect to the
axis  point(my device initiate connection),link key is
generated correctly and stored in a file and the
connection is extablished.If I disconnect and try to
connect again,Iam not able to connect to the axis
point and it gives an authentication failure error
shown below.The link key in the file and
hci_link_key_request_reply are same and Iam not able
to understand what could be the problem.
     Please help me in this regard.Thank you.  
btsec: request_type : 0
btsec: originator : 0
btsec: originator_data : c0148fe8
btsec: request_result : 7
btsec: Event recieve : request_value 0x17,
request_type 0x0
btsec: Search one bd_addr
btsec: Link key found
hci_link_key_request_reply:  BD_addr (6):
0x04 0xe1 0x04 0x96 0xa0 0x00

hci_link_key_request_reply:  Link Key (16):
0x83 0xc8 0x4f 0x12 0x8f 0x31 0x87 0xca 0x29 0xfe 0x42
0x83 0x1b 0x92 0x75 0xd5
btsec: Answer has been written to proc file
lp_connect_cfm (neg), wake up flag not set
Authentication Failure
BT SYS: ERROR: reset_hci_con_bd: Didn't find
connection with con_hdl 41
BT SYS: lp_connect_rsp: Early m/s switch
BT SYS: process_event: ROLE_CHANGED
BT SYS: process_event: Our role is master for BD
Address 0x00a09604e104
btsec: Read 35 data from Proc file

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