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[bluetooth-dev] flashing..AXIS 9010 VER 2.00 (Partition table..problem)..!

    I could get the new axis points AXIS 9010 VER 2.00
with 4 MB flash.Now I want to flash it with a new
image which includes my application,but when I try to
do ftp i.e
ftp> put fimage flash ,I got the error saying
"Partition table differs from flash partition table.
Verify file and try again".
    So is there a way to know the partitions in this
version (AXIS 9010 VER 2.00) of axis points.And do I
need to change RELEASE,JFFSID,HWID etc in my Makefile,
when I compile my new image.
     It could be of great help if you could give me
all the info regarding flashing my image.I thought of
trying "flashitall" by opening the axispoint case and
using it as a developer board(pressing boot button
while powering on),but Iam afraid to experiment on
this,as I cant afford to loose this axis point.
     Please help me in this regard asap.
Thank you.

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