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[bluetooth-dev] HCRP on Axis 5810


I'm trying to write a MIDlet on a Nokia 6600 that uses JSR 82 in order
to print some data to an HP printer connected via Bluetooth through an
Axis 5810 device (V6.33).

If I try to use the Serial Port Profile, it works and the text message
is printed.

If I try to use the Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile it does not work.
What I do is:

Opening two L2CAPConnection connections (control and data).

Sending the PDU CR_DataChannelCreditRequest: 0002 0000 0000.

Receiving the Reply PDU: 0002 0000 0006 0001 0000 FFFF that indicates
that the request has been accepted.

After that I try to send the message, but the device hangs up.
It needs to be reset (restarted) in order to continue printing again.

Is the procedure I used correct?
Do I need to start the procol dialogue in another way?


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