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[bluetooth-dev] Insight compilation for gdb-cris..!

    I tried to compile Insight GUI for gdb,but I think
by default it is always using gdb as default and not
gdb-cris.When I connect to gdbserver on axis point
using Insight I got the following error and when I use
gdb-cris from command line,everything seems fine.

Inferior started.
Remote debugging using
/mnt/flash/pencil_dll: error while loading shared
libraries: gister_frame_info:
cannot load shared object file: No such file or
     How can I say Insight to use gdb-cris and not
gdb(default).Even if I place Insight in the same
source tree,it never seems to be compiled with
    How can we program the reset button.For now it
seems that this button never works except for
restoring factory setting while booting.How can we
enable this button and may be more (like being able to
program this button) so that it acts according to my
     It would be great if I can program LEDs too,in
order to work as per my requirements.Could you please
give me some initial advice on how I can program LEDs
and Reset button. 
Thank you.

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