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[bluetooth-dev] Max Process ID.. AP hangs..!

     In my application Iam using fork to connect to
the list of devices.Whenever there is a connection or
disconnection child will send a signal to parenty
process and exit.
     So everytime a child is created the PID is
increasing and what is the Maximum PID and what will
happen if it ever reaches this MAX PID.
      I left the axis point(with my app running) for
more than a day and suddenly AP hanged.Iam trying to
find reasons for this and in SIGCHLD handler I tried
everything as follows,but still unable to know the
 pid =  waitpid(-1,&status,0);
 pid =  waitpid(-1,&status,WNOHANG);
Could the hang be because of BTSec or BT Stack ?
     Hope to hear from you regarding this.
Thank you.

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