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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Max Process ID.. AP hangs..!

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> From: owner-bluetooth-dev On Behalf Of axis
> Sent: 27 February 2004 14:07
> To: Bluetooth-dev
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Max Process ID.. AP hangs..!
> Sir,
>      In my application Iam using fork to connect to
> the list of devices.Whenever there is a connection or
> disconnection child will send a signal to parenty
> process and exit.
>      So everytime a child is created the PID is
> increasing and what is the Maximum PID and what will
> happen if it ever reaches this MAX PID.

The max PID is 65535. Once that is reached it starts
over, reusing unused PIDs. And as long as you have
less than 65535 processes running, this should not
be a problem.

>       I left the axis point(with my app running) for
> more than a day and suddenly AP hanged.Iam trying to
> find reasons for this and in SIGCHLD handler I tried
> everything as follows,but still unable to know the
> problem.
>  pid =  waitpid(-1,&status,0);
>  pid =  waitpid(-1,&status,WNOHANG);
> Could the hang be because of BTSec or BT Stack ?

The hung AP could be due to just about anything.
Without any information of the state of the AP at
the time of the hanging, it really isn't possible
to tell what's wrong.

>      Hope to hear from you regarding this.
> Thank you.


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