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[bluetooth-dev] Bluez on DevBoard 82

Hi all,

we need help to install Bluez on the Devboard 82.

The DevBoard-Software is running on our computer and we flashed the "new"
kernel (2.4.22) on the DevBoard successful.

We solved the kernel part of bluez as well, but we don't know, how to
configure and install the other parts.
We need the packages bluez-libs, -utils, -sdp and -pan on the DevBoard.

Can somebody give as an example for how to compile such a package with

Tobias Sprafke

Mobile: +49 (0) 177 64 32 313
Fon:    +49 (0) 208 75 10 123
E-Mail: tobias.sprafke@xxxxxxx.de

Have a lot of fun ... :-)

We currenty use:
Axis Devboard 82 (Linux Kernel 2.4.22)
CSR Casira Bluetooth Devboard
(Connected via USB)

We have installed on our computer:
Redhat 9 (with BlueZ)
Cris 1.54
Devboead_82 R1_91

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