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[bluetooth-dev] Watchdog timers..!

    Currently Iam testing the axis point,by running my
application for long time.I've tried a lot to make my
app bug free,but still the entire axis point freezes
after running for long time.
    I was reading about watchdog timers and I heard
that it can detect the failures and take actions like
quick restart etc.Could you please give me some advice
on watchdog timers on this controller (Axis Bluetooth
Axis Point).Is the timeout etc are hardware defined or
can we change these (or may be use this timer to debug
-- to know the state of kernel etc).
    In my application Iam having a list of BD
Addresses and doing a fork on each device and trying
to connect.So is the bt stack not able to manage
multiple requests (with little time difference between
forking, ofcourse).
     The following is the kernelconfig file,could you
please tell me the appropriate configs to enable or
disable watchdog timer and also how can I disable
serial support (to disble using sermon to login)
    hope to hear from you regarding this,
Thank you.


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