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[bluetooth-dev] Re: AW: Bluez on DevBoard 82

Hello Tobias!

The problem with the other makefile is that the "configure" script of the 
bluez packages does not support the cris achitecture. That's the reason for 
the error encountered.
My makefile fools the configure script by making it believe it's a i686 or 
whatever arch, the main point is that the configure script gets a supported 
architecture. By setting $(CC) and $(LD) the cris tools will be used without 
configure knowing about them.
I do not get the error you mentioned, but you posted that you still use 
cris-dist 1.54. The current tools are cris-dist 1.56. Maybe it gets better 
after an upgrade.

Good luck and keep me informed if your kernel works with bluetooth!
Alexander Eder

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