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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Newbie: OpenBT on DevBoard82

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Hello Dan,
Yes, I've compiled BlueZ for our devboards using a BT USB Dongle with the PAN Profile. To enable support in your
kernel you need to add the following line in arch/cris/config.in to allow BlueZ to be configured:
source drivers/bluetooth/Config.in
Run make menuconfig and enable the features you want, currently I've only tried the USB stuff.
For the applications you need to modify the Makefiles for the BlueZ-packages to allow it to
compile for the cris-architecture. I'll send you the applications in a separate mail.
Best Regards,
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Hello Anders,
thanks for your reply. Do you use BlueZ? If you do, which version? Does SDP and PAN work?
Hello Dan,
I suggest you use BlueZ as OpenBT isn't developed anymore.
Best Regards,
can anyone tell me how to get the latest version of OpenBT from CVS (have I anything else to do than checkout module?) and what modifications are necessary to make it work on a Devboard82 (Kernel 2.4.22)?
Thank you for your help!