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[bluetooth-dev] how to receive data?

hi everybody
       i am using a BlueMod module(from HCV wireless) which uses OpenBT. i 
successfully connected the BlueMod to another bluetooth module (PAN serial 
replacement) using the "btcon" command.

could anybody tell me how to recieve data on the BlueMod.

i tried to send data from the PAN module to BlueMod. eventhough the 
bluetooth activity LED is blinking accordingly on the BlueMod as i send data 
from the PAN module, i am not able to receive the data on screen.

i even tried putting a "printk" function in "bt_receive_top" but i only got 
some unusual characters instead of actual data.

is there any place in the bluetooth stack in BlueMod where i can get the 
de-encapsulated data that has been sent from the other module.

ashil abdulla.

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