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RE: [bluetooth-dev] What is Type of bluetooth driver?

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I would recommend you to look at BlueZ instead, as it is the official Bluetooth stack for Linux nowadays:
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Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 14:01
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] What is Type of bluetooth driver?

I am new to bluetooth and knows little bit of Linux. And I am interested in working on bluetooth.
Can anyone please tell me
1. What type of bluetooth driver or stack is being developed here? I mean, is it of char or block or network type? Please forgive me,  if its a silly question? but I want to know what type of driver I shall study in order to understand bluetooth driver and work on it.
2. What is the difference between the free driver code distributed with RedHat distro and the one being developed here?
3. Do I need any specific hardware to test the free bluetooth driver code that is distributed with RedHat distro?
I know that Linux basically supports three types of drivers viz char, block and network. So where does this bluetooth exactly fits in?
Thanks in advance,